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Welcome to our Virtual Charity Fair!

The NJECC is a 16-week campaign, taking place between September 15 – December 31 this year. During that time, we will feature 14 specific causes  a different cause each week  and will showcase those causes through our Virtual Charity Fair. Visit this page each week throughout the campaign to learn about a new cause and to connect with the NJECC charities addressing that cause. Did you miss one of our previous week's Virtual Charity Fairs? Click here to connect with charities from Environmental Protection Week, click here for Disaster Preparedeness, Relief, and Recovery charities, click here for Health & Research charities, click here for women and girls-focused charities, click here for arts and culture charities, click here for mental health charities, click here for hunger charities, click here for education and youth development charities, click here for veterans and military charities, and click here for shelter and housing charities.

Meet this week's featured charities:

Over their lifetimes, seniors have contributed to society in every avenue. They have served and protected our freedom, supported the arts, helped us reach the moon, sat on the Supreme Court, invented things we need and furthered the scientific and medical fields. Seniors have supported the community, the economy and their families - and there are many ways we can support them in return to improve their quality of life as they face health, financial, and other challenges.

If you care about the health and well-being of elderly, show that #NewJerseyGives by making your pledge to charities working in this cause area.

Featured below, you can "virtually" meet some of this year's NJECC charities who are addressing this cause. Click below on each charity to learn more about their work. 




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