Campaign Goal: $


Think With Your Heart

The New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign is a once-a-year opportunity for you to support the causes that are meaningful to you.  With over 1,100 participating charities, finding one that speaks to you has never been easier. Donating through the ECC is also a simple way to spread your charitable donations over the entire year using payroll deduction.

Your contribution, combined with the pledges of thousands of your fellow state employees, will help New Jerseyans in every part of the state, citizens across the nation, and people throughout the world. Together we make a tremendous impact on the lives of others. We strengthen communities and bring hope for a better tomorrow.

The Employees Charitable Campaign supports a wide range of charities focusing on health, welfare, educational, and environmental programs. This is your opportunity to make a difference. How are you going to give back?

Please note that you may revoke or modify your payroll deduction authorization at any time by providing a written request to your agency payroll office. New Jersey state regulations require your Payroll Deduction Contribution to be a minimum of $52 to designate to a specific organization. If this requirement is not met for each designated organization, your contribution will be considered undesignated and will be distributed among all organizations in proportion to their pledges.