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Thanks to your participation in the 2019 NJECC, $845,464 of critical funding is reaching the charities and communities they support now.

Every donation you make through the NJECC matters – and this rings true now perhaps more than ever.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is affecting all of us in varying degrees and ways - including the charities we all love and support through the NJECC each year.

Thanks to your generosity and compassion during the 2019 NJECC, you are making an incredible difference right now.

The charities you pledged support to this past fall, are receiving your donation now, and your support will continue to help sustain their operations and programs throughout the rest of this year. The compassion you showed in the 2019 NJECC is in action at this very moment. And you’ll have the opportunity to renew your pledge again this fall when the 2020 NJECC campaign begins.