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Welcome to the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign

The New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign is underway marking its 35th year raising more than $49 million for charitable organizations – local, national, and international.  With more than 800 participating charities, finding one that speaks to you has never been easier.  Donating through the NJECC is also a simple way to spread your charitable donations over the entire year using payroll deduction.

Your support is needed now more than ever. Together we make an impact on the lives of others, strengthen communities and bring hope for a better tomorrow.  As you consider making a voluntary contribution, reach out to co-workers and ask them to join you.

Our 2019 NJECC statewide goal is $1,000,000.  It takes everyone working together to support this goal. 

Thank you for your consideration!


Need help making a pledge online?  Click here for a step-by-step guide or watch the video below. To view a larger, high resolution copy of this video tutorial, please click here.

Need help searching for NJECC charities to support?  Click here or on 2019/2020 Brochure above

Still have questions or need help?  Contact our donor services team at, call 1-(800)-458-9505, or use the Live Chat 'Help' feature in the lower right corner of your home screen. We are here to help!

Cancellation:  If you find it necessary to revoke or modify your payroll deduction pledge during the year, please notify your payroll office in writing.

New Jersey state regulations require your Payroll Deduction Contribution to be a minimum of $52 to designate to a specific organization. If this requirement is not met for each designated organization, your contribution will be considered undesignated and will be distributed among all organizations in proportion to their pledges.