What is the NJECC?

In 1985, the NJ State Legislature enacted a Law providing NJ State and Local Municipal employees the opportunity to contribute to a multitude of charities through payroll deduction. The NJECC is the only fundraising campaign authorized to solicit charitable contributions in the state/local municipal employee workplace.

Why should I donate through the NJECC?

The NJECC is a direct way to help those in need sustain local, national, and international health, educational, environmental and social service organizations, and make a meaningful contribution to your community. Giving through the NJECC is cost efficient, 90% of every dollar contributed goes directly to programs and services. Only 10% of the total amount raised is used for administrative costs.

Why is giving through payroll deduction better than sending a check directly to the charity? 

Payroll deduction contributions are incredibly beneficial. Regularly contributed funding, even in small amounts, provides the charity with consistent streams of revenue. You can give small amounts with each paycheck and your donations are deducted automatically from each paycheck. It’s easy, efficient, and affordable.

Who can I donate to through the NJECC?

You have the option to donate to over 1100 charities that impact communities on a local, state, national or international level. With so many choices, you can donate to a cause that’s important to you.

When can I donate through the NJECC?

The campaign runs from September to December.

Who can contribute?

State and local public employees and retirees are eligible to participate. If you are not eligible for payroll deduction you may give by cash or check.

Are my contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, Keep a copy of your pledge form or print your ePledge confirmation email.

Is the codebook available electronically?

Yes! Click here to view a listing of charities to support.

Do I need to fill out another pledge form for this year’s pledge if I have given in the past?

Yes. A new form or online pledge must be completed every year.

What is the URL for the online giving platform?


Can an employee designate less than $52 online?

The state regulation is that a contribution must be a minimum of $52 to be designated. If this requirement is not met for each specified charity, the contribution will be considered undesignated. This state code is printed on the pledge card as well as the home page of the online platform. The online platform cannot automatically “screen” for this requirement, so it is possible for an employee to submit a designated pledge less than $52, just as they can on a hard pledge card. As the coordinator, all you can do is educate and remind your employees of this regulation.

Is there a maximum number of charities that can be designated online?

Assuming each designation meets the regulation of at least $52, there is no maximum number of charities that the online platform will accept. If an employee is filling out a hard pledge card and wishes to designate to more than the allotted 5 organizations, they may attach a supplemental sheet to the pledge card.

Where can employees find their employee ID number, if they do not know it?

For those employees under Centralized Payroll, you can access it on your pay stub via the My NJ Portal: http://www.nj.gov/

For those departments with independent Payrolls, employees should check with the ECC Coordinator.

Can an employee make more than one pledge online?

Yes, they can log in anytime to view their pledge or make another one.

What happens to my contribution if I don’t designate a specific charity?

The NJECC’s rules specify that all undesignated gifts be proportionately distributed to those charities receiving designations. For example, if Charity A receives 5% of designated pledges, then Charity A will also receive 5% of undesignated pledges.

What is the duration of my payroll deduction and when does it begin?

Deductions begin with the first pay period in January 2019 and continue through December 2019.

How are charities approved for the NJECC Brochure?

Charities listed in the NJECC Brochure must apply for admission annually and meet the campaign’s eligibility criteria governed by the NJ State Statute/Regulations.

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